Learning to Love My Authentic Body

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I have been on this love journey for a long time. It seems that one of my biggest challenges is accepting that my needs, likes, and wants are mine and no one else’s. I am on a journey created solely for me. And it is as unique as I am. The biggest hurdle ultimately manifested in the part of my journey around my body. I have had to learn that my physical body is only one form in which this Authentic Journey takes place, and it was an important part. Maybe because of the work I do or maybe I do this work because I feel so comfortable in the energetic part of my body. I love being “up there” and connected to a Higher Power I call God. What I needed to learn is that I also need to be connected to my physical body, to feel into my body, and to take care of the vessel that is carrying my around this planet. Now none of this was easy, and sometimes I still have to be reminded that my body is another tool to help me connect to my soul and therefore to God. Yet I must admit as I end my fourth decade that I do love myself, all of myself, including my Authentic Body.

Our physical bodies are capsules that contain many different systems, our energetic system being just one of them. Once we know that our bodies can talk to us, that our Authentic Body has messages for us, we begin to listen and can even explore asking “What are you saying to me?” As I went through my IET training, I learned that different parts of your energetic body hold different messages. I read Louise Hay’s You Can Heal Your Body over and over and learned that pain and dis-ease can be embraced and educate us about what we need. I learned to begin a relationship with my body, and it became a valued partner and not an inconvenience, a part of me that was a nuisance that caused me to judge and at times hate myself. I released the judgment that I had to look or feel a certain way. I embraced acceptance. This is the body God gave me. He had a plan, and who was I to fight it?

Slowly, I learned I must spend time with my Authentic Body. Like any other relationship, I needed to stay connected and learn about the nuances that make my body unique. Enjoying its gifts and even accepting the parts that have proven to need extra care, I listen to what it is telling me and adjust as time goes on. As with any other long-lasting partnership, we must allow for shifts and changes. As I get older, some parts need more gentle kindness and compassion. I may need to slow down or change the way I feed it. I may need extra attention if I overuse or underuse it. And, I have learned that I am not alone in this process. At times I need to ask for help or guidance from someone who is physically here or not. Angels, healers, counselors, nutritionists, personal trainers, and coaches are all here to assist us with self. I am grateful for those who have been there for me, and I am blessed to walk along and guide others as we all embark on this Journey to our true self.

Taking the time to connect, listen, and shift creates the intimacy a love relationship needs to blossom and withstand the test of time. Do not judge or give up on yourself. Treat yourself with the respect and dignity you would give and expect from all your friendships. Your Authentic Body is the one relationship that will last this lifetime. Open your heart and let the love in.