Committing to Love

Posted by on Sep 27, 2014 in Authentic Self, Blog, Love | No Comments

blog-heartshape-bushHow many of us have been hurt? How many have had our hearts broken? How many of us have closed down our hearts because of fear? We miss so much when we close down. When we connect to the beauty of life through our open hearts, it allows God to work through us and love again.

My biggest regret so far is how I closed my heart to love when I first got divorced. It was totally understandable. I was hurt. I was healing. I could take no more. But I missed so many of the gifts God sends to us so we may heal faster, heal fuller….HEAL. If I could have just kept that heart of mine open, I would have allowed my children to nurture me, I would have let my friends nurture me. I would have let God in to heal as only He can.

What if our world now accepted that relationships are here so that we can move into our soul’s purpose? What if we are all here to be guides for one another, and sometimes those guides must leave and help someone else? What if we could just allow and accept that those we love must sometimes move on? Would we be able to get through breakups with an open heart?

I now can honestly say after 10 years my heart is again fully open. I am allowing love to come and go into my heart in a way I have never experienced. I feel and nurture those around me. I lead by example and share my story so that I may be a model to people who are just now going through the ripping of their hearts as they lose those they love. Let me be the one to tell you….your heart does heal…your heart does love again. The more we allow ourselves to mourn and move on without closing our hearts or building a wall, the quicker we will begin to let love and light back into our souls.

If you feel like you need extra support during this time in your life please send me an e-mail or give me a call. Let me stand by your side as you allow your heart to heal and let love once again penetrate your soul.