The Goddess Within

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Why am I scared to let the The Goddess out? She was locked away in a cabin. She trusted when she should not have. Her intuition was off because of all the pain. She wanted to love him, she wanted it all to work, but it didn’t. It couldn’t. He was pretending, not her. He was not being truthful. It was not her fault and now here she was locked away, scared and humbled. She used her beauty to entice him. She used God’s gift to manipulate him and now she was paying. What if she stayed hidden? Would he come back? Would he hurt her? Was this for her own good? The unknown was killing her. She must get out of her own mind and give this over to God. God takes care of His children. Of that she was sure.

“I hand this all over to you, God. I know you will take care of this for me. Here I will sit with you and wait, knowing all will be well.”

She waited and listened and hearing the time was right she opened the door. The door wasn’t even locked; her own mind was…scared…scared to venture outside of the cabin. She was free, free to go at anytime. She decided to take that first scary step and say “YES!” to what God was luring her towards.

Now that she was out of the hellhole it was even more scary; there were unknown sounds and darkness within the woods. She lost her bearings many times but always remembered to call upon God to redirect her.

Finally at daybreak she saw the light. Her senses had brought her out of the darkness and into the next chapter of her life.

She entered the opening with gratefulness and love in her heart. She laid down in the dewy grass and wept.

“I’ve made it out of the darkness and I can see. Here I will rest in my truth. Here I will re-bloom.”

Her heart still ached and her body felt exhausted; all she had the energy to do was cry. Yet now she was well aware that she was safe and Divinely Guided. She knew what she needed to do. She would listen and move forward on her Authentic Journey when the time was right. And so she did! She released the Goddess Within!

Healing our heart so God works through us, so we can hear Him is an important step to living an Authentic Life.

There is no question that God = Love and that all of us are connected through our heart space. The difficulty of feeling into that is that most of us have broken hearts. Whether that has come from a childhood wound or a love lost, the pain still exists. How do we hear God then, through a damaged filter that does not let in the pure Light, if at all!? We wonder why we are wandering around lost, why we cannot feel the Divine and the pathways He has provided for us. We feel trapped and yet we have the power to push that door open and begin the process of healing.

There are many ways to heal a broken heart, but we all have free will and that, my friend, is where the true Authentic Journey begins by saying YES! This place is the scariest of them all. We are unsure of the darkness beyond. We are unsure who we are once we cross that threshold, and we are unsure if we will be safe out there. Take the chance! Opening that door and taking those first few steps can lead you towards the healing you have been waiting for.

Opening that door allows you to rest in God’s hands. It allows you to finally feel the feelings that are keeping you hostage. I allows you to LOVE deeper in the end. It is safe.

We must heal our hearts to walk in God’s Light, to know where he is taking us, to live authentically and to walk in our Truth. Take this first step and as always, if you need support during your Authentic Journey, ASK. We are not on this Journey alone. Ask for help – from God, from loved ones, from me. Together we can heal our own hearts and reconnect to the Divine energy that weaves us together. One heart, one world, one LOVE!

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