What is Intuitive Healing?

Some call it a spiritual counseling, some call it Intuitive Life Coaching. I must say that it is a combination of those two as well as being trained and certified in some method of energy body work so you can identify and tune into the life force energy that is present within the physical body. An Intuitive Healer is able to facilitate healing that comes from understanding that this life force runs from God to Mother Earth through us. When events happen in this lifetime or possibly another, this energy field can be blocked, therefore creating pain emotionally, mentally, physically, or spiritually. Along that energetic pathway, there are different levels of energy: in the highest Love-Light Energy or what some call God, there are Archangels, Spirit Guides, and those who have crossed over that are still with us, and then us in our human form. As an Intuitive Healer, I am a bridge that allows messages to flow from one level to another and therefore create a space for healing on any of those levels.

My formal training was through a technique called Integrated Energy Therapy, or IET. It is a therapy that connects and repairs mind, body, and soul. Being in the human form is more than just the physical body we all see and feel on a daily basis. We also have an energetic flow that connects us with a Higher Power, God. When we are stuck in a pattern or maybe a doctor tells us nothing is wrong with us but pain is still there, that may be a block that must be released so we can heal on an energetic level as well as a physical level. Hillary Morgan, in her article “What is Integrated Energy Therapy?” (, Aug 2010), states “During an IET treatment the therapist connects into, calls upon, and utilizes, that universal divine energy, and channels it with the assistance of the healing angels, through his/ her own energy system and into the person being treated. The intention is to release blockages in order to restore and heal the vital internal life force which fuels our bodies, our emotions and our very lives. It provides the environment to allow feelings and emotions to release from the body, from their various points of refuge, so that a deep healing can occur at that site where they are ‘trapped’—sometimes for years—and so restore the body to a healthy state. Once the body’s energy is unblocked and restored, it can repair and heal itself, bringing about the natural state which the Divine intended for each and every one of us.”

Our bodies are great teachers. Pain and dis-ease are signs that we need to look at our lives on a deeper level. When we are living from only the physical, we can be confused about why we react the way we do, letting our emotions guide our lives instead of what some call “being in the flow.” Through working with an Intuitive Healer, you can learn how to bridge the information you receive from your mind, body, and soul and restore the natural flow that connects you with your Higher Power and live from a place of peace.