Diets do work, just like medicine works when we’re ill.  But the effects of a diet, just like the effects of medication, cannot last if you do not deal with the emotional, physical, spiritual, mental issues that you have around food, weight, or body image.  Engaging with your body, mind, and soul at all of these levels enables you to achieve the physical form that is natural for you: Your Authentic Body.

  Why do we let food and diets run our lives?

When we overeat or starve ourselves, we are seeking to meet unmet needs.  Often, we are looking to find a sense of safety or trying to quiet our fears.  Food and our attempts to control our relationship with eating are so often tied to our need to hide from the world or protect ourselves from its challenges and stresses.

Unresolved aspects of our histories, reaching all the way back to childhood, can drive a need to control our environment.  Perhaps you needed attention or believed you had to grow larger in order to be seen.  Maybe you felt you would be safer if you were so small you would not be noticed.  When we are unable to affect change in our own lives we often turn to one of the things we can control: our relationship with food.

♦ Do you find yourself trapped in a cycle of eating more or less than your body needs?
♦ Have you hidden yourself behind the extra weight you carry around?
♦ Has hatred for your body allowed self abuse; mentally, emotionally and physically?

We all have our unique reasons for establishing unhealthy eating patterns that make it impossible for us to love our bodies and live fully and freely.  It is possible to let go of those old stories and feelings and to dissolve the energetic blocks that make it so hard to break out of those old ruts.

How does the Authentic Body Program Work?

This program offers support on three levels:

♦  Connecting to your Higher Power
♦  Offering Healthy Guidelines
♦  Healing physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual blocks

Whether you are someone who has tried a million diets and can’t stand the deprivation any more or whether you are someone who considers yourself very spiritual and is interested in discovering how your belief in the Divine can help you with your own body issues or whether you are someone who knows and respects the power of energy healing and is excited to see how it can work to resolve your issues with food, this program offers several different entry points that all lead to your Authentic Pathway, the road that will lead you to Your Authentic Body.

Here’s a sample of the sessions included in the 12 week Find Your Authentic Body Program.

Week one :       What IS Your Authentic Body? We explore our stories and discover what it is to let God lead.
Week two :       What is Your Foundation? We understand what it means to meditate or pray.
Week three:      How will you create your support team?
Week four:       What are Healthy Guidelines and how will they support you? We discuss the importance of water, fruits/veggies, healthy oils, and whole foods.
Week five:        Move into Action  – Divine Action- Doing- Application makes all the difference
Week six:         What is the role of forgiveness for yourself and others?
Week seven:    How can you be dedicated to this process without losing yourself?  Learn to live with 80/20, 100 % of the time.
Week eight:     What does it mean to honor God through your relationship with your body?
Week nine:      How to strengthen your commitment?  We offer support that keeps you from fleeing from the process.
Week ten:         How can your value yourself and your emotions so you are living authentically?
Week eleven:   How can tending to your own flame help those around you burn brightly?
Week twelve:   How can you short-circuit your own self-sabotage techniques?

Are you ready to ask these questions and experience powerful energetic support as you live the authentic answers?




Sessions are informational only. The client takes 100% responsibility for any of their actions prior, during and after each session.