Coming Out of the Closet Are you ready to embrace your intuitive gifts?


Are you sensitive to the energies around you?

Do you hear voices in your head or get messages for others?

Do you see colors or images around other people?

Are you ready to discover your intuition and learn to trust it?

In this 4 week virtual course we will help you begin to explore your gifts and validate the truth within your intuition. Connecting with Shari and other Intuitives will give you a safe environment to play with and develop the way your Guides connect and communicate with you.

Join Intuitive Healer, Shari L. Riley, as she facilitates group healing in weekly conference calls.

Your investment of $250 includes:

♦ 1 individual phone session

(where you get to explore & release your personal energy blocks)

♦ A membership to Shari’s Facebook page Authentic Beauties

To Register please call 914-474-3655 or send an e-mail to