Fall in Love With Your Authentic Self

Do you find yourself trapped in a cycle of eating more or less than your body needs?

Have you hidden yourself behind the extra weight you carry around?

Has the hatred for your body allowed you to abuse, ignore or disconnect from Your Authentic Self?

In this 4 week online course we will begin to explore some of the energy around the answers to these questions, as well as:

♦ What is Your Authentic Body?
♦ What is Your Foundation – prayer and meditation?
♦ How will you create your support team?
♦ Move into Divine Action!


Join Intuitive Healer, Shari L. Riley, as she facilitates group healing in weekly conference calls.
Your investment includes:

♦ 1 individual phone session
(where you get to explore & release your personal energy blocks)
♦ A membership to Shari’s Facebook page Authentic Beauties

To Register please call 914-474-3655 or send an e-mail to Guidance@ShariLRiley.com

Individual sessions can be scheduled immediately