So here is what some of my clients say I do…

You help find and resolve the past so that we can move forward in real time instead of it always lagging on us. ~Deanna

You identify our blocks and guide us through shifting those so we can move ever closer to our Authentic Self. ~Kristin

For those of us who know you we can get very esoteric in our definition of what you do. However I believe in remaining open to the beginner mind, so for those who don’t know what an intuitive is the word itself may set off confusion. I’d say you are an authenticity coach. Someone who helps people find solutions to whatever is interfering in their achieving freedom from dis-ease of spirit generationally inherited and impacting in their present. This awareness helps authentic choices become more clear benefiting and healing the future.  ~ Jackie

Chief Authenticity Excavator ~ Susan

Magic ~ Alissa

I’d say you are definitely special and gifted, sensitive and intuitive. You get messages from above so we can identify our blocks and release these blocks so we can move forward with our authentic life and the life we should have and desire. Nameste for Shari! Peace, Love & Light! ~ Loretta

If you want to clear the blocks that prevent you from living fully or from your Authentic Self book an individual session.

I offer FREE 15 minute phone sessions to experience what having “energy work” feels like. We will identify at least one block during that time. My Guides give me your age when the block happened to help us hone in on deeper feelings and experiences that leave you living from your inner child or your ego and not your authentic self.

Full sessions run about one hour and mini sessions run about 30 minutes.

Individual sessions are done in person or over the phone.


To inquire please call 914-474-3655 or send an e-mail to

Sessions are informational only. The client takes 100% responsibility for any of their actions prior, during and after each session.