What is a Sacred Circle?

♦ A safe place where you can open your heart to the Divine.
♦ A place where you are supported as you let go of what no longer works
♦ A place for you to transform it into your Authentic Self.


A Sacred Circle is a supportive and powerful space in which an intention is set and we come together to support, heal, and commune. Sacred, because when we live consciously, balancing mind, body, and spirit, we are able to access the Divine within us. And a Circle, because we gather as a tribe in community, the Circle representing the unique presence and contribution of every member.

Shari helps Sacred Circle members recognize the connection between their own source of power and the Divine, which then leads to an Authentic Journey. Together by sharing and voicing our truths, and then allowing Guided Messages to come through, stagnant energy is released to make room for the NOW. While we each explore our own Authentic Self, the Circle brings people closer together…on the same path.

Sacred Circles are perfect for friends and family or groups who want to explore energy healing work or who know they could be more successful if their energetic blocks were addressed and cleared.


Invite Intuitive Healer Shari L. Riley into your home or organization as she facilitates group healing.
$35 per person and if 5 or more, hostess is FREE!
Discounts applied to large groups.
Travel fees may apply.

Please call 914-474-3655 or send an e-mail to Guidance@ShariLRiley.com

“For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.”
Matthew 18:20