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Healing the Mother Wound

As we move into a new way of being, healing the mother wound will be mandatory. To love open heartedly and from the Divine Feminine, our hearts must be whole. A balance of masculine and feminine energy is needed to live authentically, and if we are coming from a wounded heart, we cannot feel into […]

The Goddess Within

Why am I scared to let the The Goddess out? She was locked away in a cabin. She trusted when she should not have. Her intuition was off because of all the pain. She wanted to love him, she wanted it all to work, but it didn’t. It couldn’t. He was pretending, not her. He […]

Committing to Love

How many of us have been hurt? How many have had our hearts broken? How many of us have closed down our hearts because of fear? We miss so much when we close down. When we connect to the beauty of life through our open hearts, it allows God to work through us and love […]